Data Management


Timely and reliable data are key to effective natural resource, environmental, and groundwater protection. It is imperative that agencies at the state and federal levels collect, store, and analyze the necessary baseline and operating data to support making informed regulatory decisions.  This data is also imperative to public outreach in providing understanding on actions the regulating community performs for the protection of the environment and beneficial use of natural resources.

The GWPC, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, has been a leader in the development of tools and data management systems for their member states. This has fostered a collaborative effort and relationship between GWPC and their members in the development of multiple nationally recognized data management systems.  These include but are not limited to:

  • RBDMS (Risk Based Data Management System)
    A suite of integrated software products that assists state agencies in the regulating, oversight and management of oil, gas and Underground Injection Control (UIC) facilities and activities.  Over 30 years in the making RBDMS has been adopted as the data management system by most of the regulating state oil and gas agencies.

  • WaterSTAR:
    Water quality and quantity tracking system in use by Water, Environmental, and Oil & Gas member state agencies to help manage the collection and review of water within their state.  Tools are being developed to assist in public outreach on water management and water use needs.

  • FracFocus
    FracFocus is the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry. This site was created to provide the general public with access to information about chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. It has been adopted by 25 Oil & Gas Agencies as their repository for this information.  The primary purpose of this site is to provide factual information about hydraulic fracturing chemical use. 
Visit the websites for RBDMS and FracFocus for additional information.


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09/12/2023 – 09/14/2023
Tampa, Florida, Westshore Grand Hotel

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U.S. Produced Water Volumes And Management Practices In 2017

In February 2020, the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) and Ground Water Research & Education Foundation (GWREF) released the report, “U.S. Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices in 2017.”This report focuses solely on produced water volumes and the types of water management practices that are used. It entails a third set of data, spaced five years apart, of produced water volumes and management. This will serve as an excellent resource for state and federal members, researchers, and others. For further information about this report please contact Mike Nickolaus at the GWPC, 405.516.4972.


Well Integrity Regulatory Elements

These "Regulatory Elements for Well Integrity" are intended to provide regulators with a set of ideas to consider when improving oversight of the permitting, construction, operation and plugging of oil and gas wells. The Elements were developed by a group of state officials who met informally in conjunction with GWPC meetings in Nashville, Tennessee (September 23 – 26, 2012), Sarasota, Florida (January 22 – 24, 2012), and St. Louis (September 22 – 25, 2013).


Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices (2012 Data)

4/15/2015 The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) is pleased to provide an updated version of our 2009 report on U.S. Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices.  This 2015 report, which contains data for 2012, discusses the amounts of water brought to the surface during oil and gas production and details many of the current minimization, treatment, re-use and disposal protocols used to manage produced water.  It also contains state by state produced water summaries.  The report was developed for the GWPC by John Veil of Veil Environmental, LLC.  We think you will find this report both thorough and valuable. 


Injection Wells: An Introduction To Their Use, Operation And Regulation

An introductory brochure on the use, operation, and regulation of underground injection wells.


Shale Gas Primer

A primer on the development of shale gas reservoirs through hydraulic fracturing and other means.

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