Exchange Induced Seismicity Work Group


Beginning in 2014, 13 states partnered through a multi-state initiative called the Exchange. The exchange is a collaboration of the GWPC and the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). The states worked to share and summarize current knowledge related to earthquakes potentially caused by human activity, otherwise referred to as induced seismicity.

The workgroup ultimately released a Primer in 2015 (download publication), and an updated Primer in 2017 (download publication), to provide a guide for regulatory agencies to evaluate and develop strategies to mitigate and manage risks of injection induced seismicity. The Primer documents also outlined out states can best provide information to the public in a transparent and effective manner.

The STATE OIL AND GAS REGULATORY EXCHANGE (EXCHANGE) released on March 31, 2021, a third edition of its report on induced seismicity, “Potential Induced Seismicity Guide: A Resource of Technical and Regulatory Considerations Associated with Fluid Injection.” In addition to providing updated science surrounding seismicity induced by the injection of fluids in Class II disposal wells, this latest edition expands on the topic to include seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing and Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS).


This workgroup continues to evolve and as of April 2020, is comprised of both state and federal members. The group met in San Antonio, Texas, in February 2020, and set goals for the following projects:

  • Update the Primer with current information and title: “Potential Injection-Induced Seismicity Resource
  • Update the Oklahoma Seismic Application
  • Focus on the regulatory measures of the increase activity with hydraulic fracturing
  • Provide state-by-state monitoring network updates

Canadian Provincial Representative
Todd Shipman, Alberta Geological Survey/ Alberta Energy Regulator

Consultant Representative
Tom Tomastik, ALL Consulting

Industry Representative
Ed Steele, Ambiunt Environmental and Regulatory Consulting

Academia Representative
Michael Young, Bureau of Economic Geology

Industry Representative
Cody Comiskey, Chevron North America E&P

Environmental NGO Representative
Scott Anderson, Environmental Defense Fund

Industry Representative
Kris Nygaard, ExxonMobil

Amy Childers, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

Lori Wrotenbery, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

State Agency Representative
Carrie Ridley, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Survey Representative (Provisional)
Rex Buchanan, Kansas Geological Survey

Industry Representative
Ivan Wong, Lettis Consultants International

Consultant Representative
Lloyd Hetrick, LHH Engineering, PLLC

State Agency Representative
Jim Gonsiewski, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

State Agency Representative
Steven Dade, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

State Agency Representative
Colin Brooks, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Survey Representative
Jake Walter, Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma

Consultant Representative
Shawn Maxwell, Ovintiv Services, Inc.

State Agency Representative
Leslie Savage, Railroad Commission of Texas

State Agency Representative
Aaron Velasco, Railroad Commission of Texas

Industry Representative
Kurt Schrantz, Schrantz Geophysical Consulting for Chesapeake Energy

EPA Representative
Kurt Hildebrandt, USEPA Region 7

Industry Representative
Robert Van Voorhees, Underground Injection Technology Council