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Our Mission

  • Water Quality

    Abundant, high quality groundwater is essential to our nation and its citizens. The GWPC works with state agencies to promote and protect our most precious natural resource: groundwater.

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  • Water Availability & Sustainability

    Fresh water is a limited commodity. The GWPC recognizes this and is at the forefront in leading the nation in responsible usage as we continue to balance water supply and demand.

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  • Water Energy

    Economic and national growth depends on our ability to create affordable energy. Groundwater plays a key role in our development of national energy resources. From production to regulation of injection wells, the GWPC is at the center of water’s relationship with energy.

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New FE Job Opening Posted - DOE Director of Oil and Natural Gas Research

Please share this information with the official representatives and anyone else you think may be interested.  The posting closes on 9/25/2015.  This is an new position with no incumbent.   ...

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