2024 UIC Conference

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02/26/2024 - 02/28/2024

Sheraton Oklahoma City Downtown Hotel

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General Session

Investing in Opportunity: How the Geothermal Technologies Office is Supporting Geothermal Everywhere
Sean Porse, US Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Office

Updates from US EPA Office of Water
Anita Thompkins, US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water, Drinking Water Infrastructure Development Division

Welcome from Oklahoma
Ken McQueen, Oklahoma Cabinet Secretary of Energy and Environment

Produced Water

Treatment and Reuse of Produced Water as Alternative Disposal Options
Mike Hightower, PE, New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium/New Mexico State University & Jerri Pohl, New Mexico Office of the State Engineer

Pathway for Recovering Critical Minerals and other Elements of Interest from Produced Water
Kyle Murray, PhD, Murray Geoconsulting

Colorado Produced Water Consortium
Hope Dalton, Colorado Produced Water Consortium

Class V UIC

Iowa Experience with Agricultural Drainage Well Inspection. Testing, Permitting, and Closure
Michael Anderson, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Monitoring Potential Water Quality Changes Using Enhanced Aquifer Recharge: Unlocking the Secrets of a Fractured/Karst Aquifer
Doug Beak, PhD, US Environmental Protection Agency

Class II UIC

Fault Slip Potential (FSP) Model of Deep Injection in Northern Culberson-Reeves Texas and Southern New Mexico
Jim Moore, Railroad Commission of Texas

History of Identifying Wells of Concern, Corrective Action Plans, and How Area of Reviews have Evolved for UIC Wells in Oklahoma
Megan Cova, Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Geothermal Energy

Eavor-Loop: Maximizing America’s Geothermal Opportunity
Malcolm Ross, PhD, Eavor Technologies

Class II UIC State Panel

Mark Bohrer, North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil & Gas Division

Class VI & CCUS

North Dakota Class VI Permitting: Lessons Learned
Caitlin Olsen, Energy & Environmental Research Center

Update on Carbon Sequestration and the Texas Class VI UIC Program
Leslie Savage, Texas Railroad Commission, Oil & Gas Division

Can Financial Assurance Become a Class VI Project Fatal Flaw?
Tyler Burton, PhD, Petrotek Engineering Corporation

Pore Space Conflicts: Class VI Injection into Previously Utilized Pore Space
Charles Hostetler, PhD, SCS Engineers

Issues Related to Multiple Wells Perforated in the Same Injection Zone
Susan Hovorka, PhD, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin

Technical Implications of Class VI Injection
Lewis Wandke, Petrotek Engineering

Designating Exempted Aquifers for Class VI Wells
Bob Van Voorhees, Carbon Sequestration Council

Global and Domestic Status of CCS
Joey Minervini, Global CCS Institute


The Uninvited Party Guest: A PFAS Regulatory and Technical Update
Jonathan Skaggs, PG, & Stephen Richardson, PhD, PE, PEng, GSI Environmental, Inc.

Addressing Emerging Contaminates at Groundwater Discharge Sites in the State of New Hampshire
Jonathan Whaland, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

PFAS Disposal in Oklahoma
Hillary Young, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

What’s New in PFAS Research? – A WRF Overview
Frank J. Blaha, The Water Research Foundation

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Domestic Wastewater: Presence, Sources, and Potential Impacts to Groundwater Quality
Jennifer Harfmann, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

PFAS Regulatory Update: From Superfund to Safe Drinking Water Act Standards
Tim Sowecke, GableGotwals

Environmental Justice

Application of Recent US EPA Guidance and EJ Screen Tool to Identify, Analyze, and Address Environmental Justice Concerns at Carbon Capture and Storage Sites
Danny Kingham, GSI Environmental Inc.

Capturing Better Futures Initiative
Vernon Travis, Capturing Better Futures Initiative


February 26
February 28


Sheraton Oklahoma City Downtown Hotel
1 North Broadway Avenue
Oklahoma City, 73102 United States
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