2020 UIC Conference

uic conf image02/16/2020 - 02/19/2020
San Antonio, Texas

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CCS: Overviews, Challenges & Opportunities

Meeting the Dual Challenge: An Overview of the NPC Study on At-Scale Deployment of CCUS in the U.S.
Texas Railroad Commission & ExxonMobil
Leslie Savage & Susan Blevins

EPA Action Plan for Class VI Geologic Sequestration Permitting
Kurt Hildebrandt, Bruce Kobelski, Bill Bates

Industry Opportunities for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) in the U.S
Advanced Resources International, Inc.
Mike Godec

CCS: Economics & Characterization

Cost of Selecting a Storage Site – Staged Investment to Decrease Risk
Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
Susan Hovorka, Ph.D.

The CO2 Storage Resource Management System (SRMS): A Project Maturity Based Classification and Categorization of Storable Quantities
Illinois State Geological Survey
Scott Frailey

Quality assurance of CO2 storage - Verification against ISO 27914
Jørg Aarnes,Ph.D.

Stacked Storage and Tax incentive Impacts on CO2-EOR Sustainability”
Bureau of Economic Geology, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, University of Texas
Ramón Gil-Egui

CCS: Permitting, Operations, and MMV

Life Cycle Well Integrity of CO2 Storage Wells: Engineering Imperatives for Success
TSA Inc.
Talib Syed

CCS: Case Studies

What it All Means: CO2-EOR Greenhouse Gas Life-Cycle Analysis of 22 Years of Class II UIC Field Operations and Monitoring
Joel Sminchak

Scaling Up to Industrial CCUS Projects – A Regional Prospective (North Dakota)
University of ND EERC
John Hamling

Industrial Waste-Fluid Disposal and Availability of Pore-space: Technical and Regulatory Challenges
Kansas Geological Survey
Yevhen Holubnyak

Importance and Limitations of using Seismic Reflection Data to Understand the Risk of Induced Seismicity and Reservoir Capacity
University of Illinois
Hannes Leetaru, Ph.D.


ASR Feasibility in Central Texas
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
Brian Smith

Statistical Analyses of Successes and Failures of Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems in the U.S.
Eastern Research Group
Chi Ho Sham, Ph.D.

ASR and MAR in Texas’ 2017 State Water Plan
Texas Water Development Board
Andrea Croskrey

General Session

U.S. EPA Update: National Drinking Water Protection Program
Director, Office of Groundwater & Drinking Water, US EPA
Jennifer McLain

DOE Oil and Natural Gas Collaboration with States
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Oil and Natural Gas, US DOE
Shawn Bennett

Texas Railroad Commission UIC Program
Assistant Director for Technical Permitting, Railroad Commission of Texas
Paul Dubois

Class II UIC

Analyses of Step Rate Tests for Estimating Maximum Injection Pressure
Scott Frailey

Hindsight in 2020: A Decade of Seismicity versus HF, SWD, EORI, and CO2 Injection in Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Kyle Murray, Ph.D.

Class I UIC: Technical Issues

Annulus Pressure Monitoring and Control Design for High Pressure Class I Wells with Depths in Excess of 10,000 Feet
SCS Engineers
Stephanie Hill

Class I Annulus Monitoring & Workover & Packer Problems
Tim Jones

Remedial Cementing Options for Class I Wells
SCS Engineers
Randy Homburg


PFAS Regulation – What Does the Future Hold for Class I Wells
SCS Engineers
Monte Markley

Class I UIC Wells to Manage PFAS in Wastewaters
Texas Molecular
Frank Marine

Produced Water

Produced Water Volumes and Management Practices for 2017
Veil Environmental, LLC
John Veil

Evaluation of Produced Water Reuse Within and Outside the Energy Sector
Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas
Bridget Scanlon

Setting Priorities for Produced Water Research

Produced Water Research Needs and Smart Decision Making for Reuse
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
Shellie Chard

Research Framework Applied: Examples from EDF and partner studies
Environmental Defense Fund
Nichole Saunders